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About Us

GoldSentinel™ is an employee engaged company like no other, with an aim to provide excellent service for our mission focused customers and a superior well rounded quality of life for our employees. Some of our most valued qualities include:

Customer Obsession

We are constantly listening to customers in order to enhance and personalize customer experiences.

Employee Prosperity

We support our employees' inclination to accept new challenges while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


Our Vision is to become the #1 insight discovery company in the world. Our Mission is to help our clients make more informed decisions by delivering better insights than they have today.

Unique Priorities

We ensure that our company objectives are never placed above those of our customers or employees. Instead, we strive for a friendly work place that is focused solely on the needs of our clients.

The Founder

Jeffrey Goldman brings breadth and depth in the technology areas of data mining, remote sensing, and knowledge management. He worked for the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB within the former Avionics Lab as well as for both large and small defense companies. Dr. Goldman was an NRO Technology Fellow from 2003-2004 and later served as the program manager for one of a series of complex critical path programs putting it back on track. He helped establish their CMMi level 3 program process through a successful software development life cycle. Dr. Goldman has received multiple customer citations for his work, including the prestigious Jim Morgan Award for innovation and engineering.

In 2008, Dr. Goldman launched GoldBot Consulting, Inc. as President and CEO, growing the company from the ground up to a successful and thriving multi-million dollar software development and analytic business. GoldBot became a recognized symbol for innovation excellence with its customers. In mid-2013 GoldBot was acquired by Information Innovators Inc. Dr. Goldman served as the Vice President and General Manager for the Intelligence and Geospatial business unit during the transition and integration. GoldSentinel was founded in 2015 to address the growing need for better decision making through insight discovery.

On a personal note, Dr. Goldman has been married for over 25 years and has 4 wonderful children. They have inspired him over the years and in particular, he has published a book about running: "I Hate Running." He is also an active participant of Smashing Walnuts, a charity dedicated to cracking the cure for childhood brain cancer. Dr. Goldman has been a volunteer supporting children's advocacy, most recently as the Chair for Loudoun County's Advisory Commission on Youth.


Predictive Analytics

We deliver a proven predictive modeling capability with a significant track record of success across multiple business verticals.

Machine Learning

Our machine learning platforms run on big data for greater insights into the meaning and efficacies of various data types.

Application Development

Our team provides full life-cycle application development and sustainment for both cloud-based and on-premises products.

Geospatial Technologies

GoldSentinel specializes in developing and using unique geospatial technologies, delivering previously unknown spatial-temporal insights.

Digital Investigation

GoldSentinel provides full-spectrum leave no trace investigation services supporting a variety of legal clients in class action, tort, prosecutorial & defense endeavors, and risk mitigation.

Problems Solved

Are you being manipulated online? Is your CFO at risk for blackmail? Is a protest likely to escalate? Is there something unusual in your log data? We can find the answers.